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Pick any avatar chat game from here, marked Social Worlds, or try them all. If you’re looking only for games that you don’t need to download, check out No Download Virtual Worlds.

Built for kids and fun for all ages, Chotopia has endless entertainment.

Here is a list of best virtual life games, that we found online.

The main focus of these games is a social interaction with other teenagers – which includes flirting, dating and hanging out with like-minded people.

You can customize your own avatar to look however you want it to look, dance with and against other players, and just lounge around and chat.

While dancing is the main part of the game, there is far more to it that you have yet to see.

v Side gives you the chance to go from chatting with your friends to dancing with other players to customizing your own avatar, along with taking part in many other activities.

Games, quests, customization, and socialization, you can do it all here.


Its target audience is young kids, making it fit for any audience….Explore and try out the different parts of the game, seeing why so many love it. Rather than keeping things simple and straightforward, it gives you nearly everything that you want in a virtual world, and all without feeling cluttered.



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