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On the other hand, a person may want to deal with two arguing co-workers by staying out of the way of the situation entirely (using the avoid mode).There are other times when a particular approach may be most appropriate for a conflict situation.

For example, if someone takes an item from a co-worker’s office without permission, the co-worker will likely feel the need to confront the sticky-fingered office mate (using the compete mode).Researchers have identified five distinct conflict styles.All five of these styles are effective for resolving conflict some of the time and inappropriate at other times.You will learn more about your preferred approach if your choices reflect how you actually behave, not how you would like to behave.

Write down the question number and the letter of the statement that best describes your behaviour as a coach in most situations.

Conflict is variously defined as having differences, being in opposition or struggling with others — and usually thought of as something negative.


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