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Its origin is Light; its purpose is to bring Light; its nature and substance are Light, so much so that the mere possession of the Zohar—even if it is never opened—can keep darkness from seeping into a house, so much so that the mere scanning of its words—without any comprehension of their meaning—will surround the walls and the occupants with an aura of merciful protection. Just the thought of what these pages contain could, in different times and places, send many a holy sage into a state of divine rapture, weeping tears of joy in a sleepless ecstasy that would sometimes last for weeks.Others gave their lives or submitted to unspeakable tortures rather than betray or deny the truth of what you now hold in your hands.Together with the Family beach in front of the hotels, it will circle a story intended primarily for families with children, but also for everyone else with an adventurous spirit.



with 82-foot-high fortified walls A path along rolling hills and past cypress trees seduces you with stunning views—ocean on one side, mountains on the other Join the Brautovic family in their tiny village for a home-cooked meal with ingredients from their garden—even the bread and wine are homemade.

New playground in 2015 makes the Aquapark even more interesting for a true sea adventure.


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