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In 2014, on a popular Facebook page called "Doctrine Man," a serving Army National Guard officer wrote "let the butt hurt begin" in a thread discussing an article about one of us, Paula Broadwell, and, below it, posted a graphic image of a woman's partially naked body impaled by a pitchfork.

Broadwell had certainly encountered vulgarity and sexism, both subtle and overt, in an ongoing military career that goes all the way back to West Point.

But it was jarring to see a fellow officer stooping to this level of incivility in an online discussion group and so many others participating in the discussion seemingly treating it as no big deal.


Running from 10 March to 27 August, the exhibition includes 23 large inkjet prints capturing—as Henson has for much of his career—pensive nude youths, coastal landscapes at sundown, moving water, ancient ruins, and public museum spaces.School Matinee Bookings please contact AIM Dramatic Arts on (02) 9219 5424 Please note: this production is rated M for mature audience.It contains simulated violence, partial nudity, coarse language, adult themes and strobe lighting. Australian Hall is a 10 minute walk from Central Station and AIM’s main campus in Foveaux Street, Surry Hills.Can the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) pull you out of line without any rational reason, quiz you on where you are going and why?

And if you choose not to answer, does that make you “hostile?The closest train station is Museum or there is a bus stop out the front of Australian Hall if you are coming by bus.


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