Alexis bledel dating pete campbell


A Crushable source spotted Alexis and Vincent kissing on an airplane leaving JFK, and though they tried to play low-key it was clear they were together.At the time, Alexis had just wrapped her tragic storyline on as Pete Campbell's unhinged mistress.


Major Works Alexis played the role of the lead protagonist, ‘Rory Gilmore’ for the comedy-drama television series called ‘Gilmore Girls’.

At last night's red carpet, they were wearing regular clothing rather than period garb—well, Vincent was definitely channeling Pete in his suit.

But he couldn't stop gushing about his new girlfriend.

Bledel’s character had an affair with Kartheiser’s character, Pete Campbell, and appeared in multiple episodes.


Their chemistry translated off screen as well — the duo began dating and Kartheiser proposed about a year later.costar Jessica Paré revealed to People that the actor jokingly practiced his proposal on set.


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