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In structure 2, the edges of the hexagon are the carbon atoms, and the hydrogen atoms are not shown. The strong smell of these products is due to the presence of an aromatic compound called toluene.Similarly, moth balls are very strong smelling because they contain an aromatic compound called naphthalene.One of these is the Noakhali Dialect, spoken in the southern part of the country on the border of the Bay of Bengal.



He lived in New York, but was visiting his father after heart bypass surgery. When my parents began the search for a suitable match they asked me for a few guidelines. I was the one who would have to change cities, countries and hemispheres. It was my turn to brood late into the night over the choice before me.

I knew that it would drastically reduce the pool of suitors. Lately too I felt like I was outgrowing the whole rigmarole of meeting, dating, wondering and agonizing over whether “this was it.” Why fight the opportunity my parents were offering me? But my fears and doubts about Rajiv swung from the ridiculous to the mundane.

Perhaps it would not be as torturous as I had thought. What they were exactly, I don’t recall, but I do remember that we all laughed. All they could do was give me the best chance within their power with which to take on the future. In the end, I decided to put my faith in the two people who knew me best and had only my interests at heart.

The Noakhali Dialect (ND) differs from SCB at all linguistic levels; phonological, morphological and syntactical, as well as in lexicon.

The aim of this thesis is to make a comparative and contrastive study of the standard language and the dialect at all these levels in order to establish the degree of their divergence.

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