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The idea was that passengers could post questions to the airline’s boss, Michael O’Leary, using the hashtag “#Grill MOL”. MOL”) was rapidly re-tweeted, with responses such as “@Ryanair how is it appropriate for an airline CEO to be a sexist pig?

But the combative CEO seemed unaware that his inappropriate response to one of the first questioners – a woman – would be seen by everyone. ”, and: “People who fly Ryanair: do you also think this is an acceptable thing to tweet at a woman? Even before the “Twitter chat” got under way – 50 minutes early, due to a scheduling error – it was clear that many disgruntled travellers saw it as an opportunity to take revenge on Europe’s biggest low-cost airline.“What type of people do you enjoy mistreating most? ” was one of the earliest tweets, quickly followed by: “Were you born an arsehole or has it progressed throughout your life?

Just last week, Bannon denied any involvement in a piece Breitbart published that claims Priebus may be fired from his job as White House Chief of Staff.

Priebus denied any tension between the men before the incident, telling New York magazine, It bothers us because it's not true, and we actually like and care about each other a lot.

Abdulfatah was not a victim of the Manchester bombing and nor was he at Ariana’s concert, as he has been living in Cairo for the last year.

Sam explains that she wants me to pay her so she can “feed [her] team”, who she says are called the Halal Gang.

”Mr O’Leary eventually responded: “Just found out what hashtags are. ” and: “Is it company policy for your staff to be rude and unhelpful as possible?

”Other popular topics included baggage charges, the distance from Ryanair’s terminals to cities it says it flies to and the perceived lack of comfort in its spartan cabins.


” The day after the Manchester Arena bombing, Sam took the profile picture of a man named Abdulfatah and posted it alongside a 137-character tweet. “I had no aim,” is Sam’s simple response to being asked why she posted her tweet.” The chief executive responded instantly with: “Hi Beth, great idea. ” The riposte read: “I thought you might like that one you money-grabbing bastards”.One Ryanair employee who dared to join the conversation by tweeting, “So my boss is on Twitter right now,” received the immediate response: “Get back to work you slacker or you’re fired.”Andy Gilderdale mocked the airline’s policy of using “secondary” airports.Standing in front of the childhood home of the man once deemed one of the most dangerous members of ISIS, it's the normalcy that's striking: an Ikea catalogue in the foyer, pink lamps, a well-kept lawn.


But Junaid Hussain, who lived with his family in Birmingham, England, before fleeing to Syria, was far from ordinary. drone -- would mark a new era of terror -- one where tweets are considered weapons and the battlefield has a new set of tools: Facebook, Twitter, Whats App.

Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon, top advisers to Donald Trump, had a seemingly uncomfortable moment during the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.


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