Chriatian opinions on dating

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I'm all for crapping on the Taleban but if this thread is just in the name of Christianity versus Islam you can suck my manhood.

Note that the OP posted "23 missionary families" though. Bastage: There are no "Christain Missioneiries" due to be killed in Afghanistan.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Religion / To Be Executed 22 Chriatian Missioneries (8551 Views) Those Who Abandon Their Religion Should Be Executed, Says Imam / Eight Men Executed In Indonesia Praise God With Dying Breaths / Amazing! Should i pray that when they cut off thier heads they do it nice and swiflty or should i pray that they have a safe journey to Heaven?



What were they doing in a war torn islamic country??

(1) (2) (3) (4) ROFLWhy dont they pray for God to rescue them?? Besides this is supposed to be the hapiest time of thier lives coz their supposed to be looking forward to going to Heaven and meeting God It's unfortunate for them and their families that they are getting killed[b](IF this story is actually real[/b]) but what you wrote is Yeah, I suppose they should be happy too, afterall they going to PARADISE!!!


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    I am the best at giving head and I love to show you my favorite close ups.

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