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“The Cobourg Cougars are looking forward to the opportunity to compete to win this prestigious national title,” said Brent Tully, general manager of the Cobourg Cougars.“The coaching staff have been working hard to put together the best team possible for the community to cheer on throughout the season, on the road to the RBC Cup.” The successful execution of any event requires the assistance of volunteers, and the 2017 RBC Cup host committee is now recruiting volunteers to assist in a number of areas, including: security, team services, and transportation, to name a few.With over 18,000 residents, Cobourg is situated off Highway 401 between Toronto and Kingston.A lovely beach area in the summer months, along with quaint shops and entertainment venues makes the area an ideal setting for people in nearby cities who want to escape to a weekend getaway.Local ambassadors are also being sought to volunteer as team hosts – a position that includes being assigned to a visiting team over the course of the event.The New Canadians Centre opened its doors in Cobourg, Ontario in January 2008.The water level observations are available in table, graphic and text formats for many stations on Pacific, the Great Lakes, their connecting waterways and the St. Legal separation forms are used by couples who want to settle any legal issues they have, such as child custody or the division of marital property, when they officially establish separate residences.


Festivals and events are common year round including beach activities in the summer months, live music events, Highland Games and others.

No matter what you enjoy, there is always something for people of all ages to enjoy in the Cobourg area.


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