Consolidating software


The complexity of today’s automobiles is increasing with every new model on the market.A modern car can contain up to 100 electronic control units and with connectivity and autonomy becoming growing trends, this is set to increase dramatically in the coming years.By moving applications to the cloud we democratized enterprise software and made it broadly available to organizations of all sizes.Today, even the smallest companies have access to the same powerful tools that 10 years ago were only available to the largest of enterprises.This trend poses several issues: Hardware costs increase with every device added to the vehicle, as does the weight of the vehicle; new CPUs and GPUs are being integrated to run alongside the existing microcontroller-based systems.Additionally, from a cyber security perspective, the attack surface increases as previously air-gapped networks become exposed to the Internet.There are numerous excellent venture-backed companies in every software category. The general consensus is that at some point the Saa S ecosystem will begin to consolidate.

As the number of variants increases, maintaining such software variants becomes more and more difficult and expensive.Functions such as object-recognition, machine learning, and even rendering graphics for HMI systems are too calculation-heavy for microcontrollers to handle.Instead, CPUs and GPUs are becoming more common in designs.Automate the process of moving your Oracle E-Business Suite data into the target instance in the right sequence while maintaining data integrity using eprentise software.

All of the required code is generated for you by our Consolidation software, so even non-technical business users can make changes via our software’s drop-down lists, rule creation templates, and mapping tools.Software M&A has been very tame over the past few years.


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