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Suntory dates itself to 1899 but all bottles of Suntory Old date from 1950 onwards.There are several generations of Old, reaching right up to the present day.It has many links that deal with the different ways bottles are dated (color, columns, etc.). Artifacts from Phillipsburg, Norfolk Island: Examples Chinese export porcelain, English wares, terra cotta; wine and spirit, gin, medicine bottles; decanters & window glass Bank/6559/scc125University of South Alabama Archaeology Website: Artifacts of Colonial Mobile: French faience and coarse earthen wares, Spanish colonial majolicas and coarse earthen wares, some Dutch and English delfts, and English colonial coarse earthen wares. Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History: helps identify historic period ceramics and sherds and learn about specific historic-period ceramic types. website contains information on many different categories of antique bottles, ranging from apothecary bottles to Coca cola bottles.It is used mostly for pricing, but also has many pictures and a very helpful glossary of marks and terminology to help date, place, and sometimes see how a bottle was made.This dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes.Enter each of the following attributes of your bottle.



Less well publicized is that Four Roses was just one of Paul Jones’ brands. I found this bottle at a Bottle and Advertising show here in the Twin Cities.

Content is mostly user-submitted, so if you have bottles that you don’t see here please click the submit link and contribute your photos!


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