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With no room for a lengthy set-up, the pressure is on to get a laugh with just a few words. Just be sure that you don't lose your train of thought while speaking and be sure to hit the puchline!

The double meaning of "don't start anything" provides the humor in this joke.

I also have a Facebook page, Forget-Me-Not Antiques, where I feature selected items. Please notify me of your intention to return an item.

I accept personal checks, money orders, major credit cards and Pay Pal ([email protected]). USPS Priority mail postage and insurance will be added to the price of each item.

War Burl Treen Stoneware Iron Butter Stamp Tavern Hearth Kitchen Bowls Paint Furniture Child's Early Lighting Tin Trenchers Boxes Woodenware Firkins Redware Folk Art Apothecary Jar Shaker Games Rosehead Nails Yellow Ware Bottles Mirrors Copper Pewter Tiger Maple Miniature Trencher Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Antiques.

I have been actively involved with antiques for more than 45 years and a licensed dealer since 1985.


Our items include treen, early lighting, hearth iron, pewter, small pieces of furniture, pottery, stoneware and folk art. I will happily accept the return of any item within 3 days of receipt for a full refund less return shipping and insurance unless I have unintentionally misrepresented the item, in which case I will pay return shipping.

Online Galleries provides access to literally hundreds of high quality antique furniture pieces from around the world.

Our online community of member antique furniture specialists source only the choices items, providing a substantial catalogue of antique furniture items that can be viewed and compared by keyword or location.

Pin stems, screw-back earrings findings, safety and plain catches. Dual ring guards, child's ring chains, earrings guards, safety chains, cord bracelet guard chains, Benj. Exclusively Wholesale, 1950 shown here was patented in about 1894, though these earrings originally had a different style back for pierced ears.


The ends of the original ear wires can be seen at the top of each earring.

The best one line jokes offer a quick dose of humor.


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