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The transit agency surveyed riders of its recently extended Expo Line and finds the light rail is encouraging people to leave their cars at home.But most of these new riders only take the train occasionally. But when that sense is occasionally dull, I’m forced to resort to a random Google search of “Happy Hours Near Me”, and that’s just too much effort for me handle sifting through when mama’s thirsty. Or stay late on a Wednesday for 8pm trivia night (and say hi to Ron! Normally I’ve got a sixth sense that tingles when a happy hour or a dead person is near. ISN’T THAT A LOT TO ASK OF A GIRL WHO HASN’T EVEN HAD A DRINK YET?! Show up to watch the next football game (Note: Not American Football. It’s a British pub, after all) to catch some pretty fun foreigners.See the most-read stories this hour Metro officials say the full Expo Line will handle about 64,000 boardings on an average weekday by 2030.

When she's not researching Dates, she's busy constructing DIY furniture, binging on Netflix and feeding baby carrots to her tortoise, Morty.

With parking lots reportedly charging as much 0 on game day, it's no wonder that the Expo Line was an extra-attractive option to riders.

In fact, around 10,000 fans per game took advantage of the light rail option.

On top of gripes about train car crowding, the Expo Line has another issue: lateness.

Overall, about 24 percent of of Expo trains were late in June, and during evening rush hour, 35 percent of Expo Line trains were late.Dozens of new projects are in the works around the newly extended Expo Line, and the transit-oriented development frenzy could be just getting started.


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