Dating frat boys

My dating life in college has experienced many ups and downs. Below, I've listed some pros and cons I've come up with through my limited experiences, so please feel free to disagree.

While each relationship was different, each also taught me an important lesson about what to look for in a future partner. Pros: The functions There is something very exciting about being invited to a function, regardless of the theme or chapter.

Cons: The priorities A lot of the time, frat boys have priorities other than making sure you're having a good time; they're more focused on playing around with their brothers and keeping the drinks flowing.

You may find yourself standing in a corner, waiting for the function bus to arrive and making awkward small talk with the other dates. There are no secrets within a fraternity, so whatever you do or say will be broadcast throughout the chapter.

I’ll be the first to tell you that dating in college isn’t always what it looks like in movies.

The first guy you run into on campus isn’t Jesse from “Pitch Perfect” or Eddie from “The Prince and Me.” Most of the time, the first guy you start to like on your campus is a handsome, yet empty-headed jerk with an ego the size of Canada, stuck in his glory days back in high school.

If they may become more than that, honesty is the best policy.


Not only is the setting beautiful, but the bond you make with everyone in the cabin is worth the mile hikes and freezing temperatures.

Even after she and her fraternity beau split, she remained close friends with the boys to whom she often gave advice, baked cookies for and turned to in tough times.

“[The fraternity] got me through that breakup,” Hatcher says.

Although if you are a dynamo in the sack, trust me, it doesn’t matter when you do it. Suggest that she cuts back, or doesn’t meet up with her pot buddies as frequently. If that’s not possible, kissing might be okay, but never sleep with them.


Suggest something you two can do together on the weekends. I always harbored a frat-boy fantasy, but I was an English nerd in college. I want to watch my girlfriend have sex with another guy, and she’s all for it.It wasn’t a pretty sight for the bystanders to watch.


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