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There is no chivalry towards a woman, in other words. They aren't romantic typically, though some can be a little.....those are the ones that have probably been outside the country or exposed to other nationalities though. You will also hear them say pretty blunt things to your face. This little subforum was intended for people who are actively studying Dutch on this forum and who would like to discuss their own experiences/frustrations/expectations regarding Dutch or Flemish culture (without having to practice their Dutch while doing so).

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Things like that would have made raising a skill seem to be worthwhile. Raising your relationship with them didn't make talking to them any more successful over time.

From zure haring en broodje kroket to frieten en pralines. Hi Muriel, Answering questions about the Dutch language is probably more my cup of tea but since no one replied yet, I decided to give it a try.

php BB ist eine freie und kostenlose Forensoftware, die allen Ansprüchen an solche Systeme gerecht wird.

It has both light and dark presets, to suit multiple site purposes, allowing the style to be flexible.I found a website with all kinds of experiences of foreign students in the Netherlands. If you think you have not made a 'stellar' match then you are most likely dating a typical dutchie. And they are stubborn so it is hard to work out a relationship issue if it involves any type of confrontation or compromise. And bluntness is a typical Dutch attitude (which is good for relationships: wouldn't you rather someone told you the truth than skirted it for an entire relationship? Thanks for standing up for your fellow males from the other side of the (little) pond, Kwalijkje.


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