Dating without intent to marry is like


While I’ve never wasted “years” of a woman’s life, I have stayed in things longer than I should have, and I’m trying to never be that guy again.

While it’s unethical for either partner (regardless of gender) in any relationship to waste the other’s time by not being fully committed, or honest about their intentions, it seems a particularly worse crime when perpetrated against women (if she wants to have kids and be married some day), since time is a resource they simply have less of than men. I see too many women who’ve lost crucial child-bearing years to a guy who spent years in emotional limbo and then hit the road. It’s a lot easier to postpone it and avoid the hardship it inevitably brings.

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I grew up being taught that you date to marry and if you don't think you want to marry this person--don't even get involved.

When questioned outside city hall, 20% of new brides said that they were not interested in their husbands when they first met.

But there’s another kind I see all the time in relationships everywhere that goes less recognized: men who sit too long on the emotional fence in a relationship, wasting precious years of their partner’s time before ultimately heading for the door.If she’s looking for “the one” and thinks you’re it, it’s a crime of the heart to stay with her if you know you’re inevitably going to leave.


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