Developing and validating measurements


We use community-engaged research approaches and mixed-methods (e.g.qualitative/quantitative) research techniques to develop and validate comprehensive (long) and condensed (shorter) survey instruments that assess the level of community engagement in research studies from the stakeholder perspective.The instrument would be useful to organizations and web designers as it provides an aggregate measure of web quality, and to researchers in related web research. Aladwani is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Kuwait University.


► We develop criteria and test measures of fidelity to a child safety intervention.

We will convene national experts and use a standard Delphi process to reach consensus for content validity.

The expert review panel will consist of a broad range of stakeholders (e.g., patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, clinicians, researchers).

Validity of fidelity criteria and fidelity review instruments was established through consensus with model developers and local purveyors.

Twelve cases were reviewed by a panel of raters to assess inter-rater reliability and discrepancy between local purveyors and model developers.

This paper addresses challenges to measuring fidelity in child welfare systems and presents an approach taken with one state to define fidelity criteria and measure fidelity to a child safety intervention.


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