Drake bell and sara paxton dating

In the movie called, "Superhero Movie", you will met the main character, Rick Riker, and he is played by Drake Bell.Riker is not a popular person at his school named Empire High School, and he only has one friend named Trey.Gorgeous and dynamic Sara Paxton is actress, singer and model of American Nationality.She is in acting field from small age and still today is delivering the work of importance.Rick ends up meeting a terminally ill who coughs up blood on his school field trip.At the animal research lab, an escaped tick ends up biting Rick.She till date has presented herself in both TV and Big movies. Her mother is Jewish and her father baptized as Jewish to marry her mother.She is well known as Sarah Borden in TV drama Summerland. She from her small age developed interest in acting.

As Dragonfly, Rick starts watching over the city and fighting crime, quickly becoming a media sensation, despite being unable to fly.His crush is the breathtaking Jill Johnson (Sara Paxton), but she is dating bully Lance Landers (Ryan Hansen).One day, Rick and his class go on a school field trip at an animal research lab that is run by terminally ill businessman Lou Landers (Christopher Mc Donald), who is Lance's uncle.Meanwhile, Lou Landers creates a machine designed to heal body illness.


When he tests it on himself, he exhibits strange powers and decides to become a villain named "Hourglass".

He ends up passing out from the bite, and walking up five days later.



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