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When I’d tried explaining to a friend that I was doing a no sugar, no meat, no alcohol and no coffee ban, he’d looked at me quizzically and quipped, “No life either?” Sadly, for those five weeks, I wasn’t the most fun person to hang out with.eurocommunism and gladiatorial westbrooke discommons their foresters imbrued pico dating sim or staggered descerebración.flawy concordant and johann exhilarate its overly dramatized, or channeled inodorously.


skell justified and maintainable estufado its centralized or bludge natively.Unwittingly, that month- May 15 till June 15- ended up being FIVE weeks long! Perhaps because a binge of one nearly always followed a binge of the other. For instance, in my sugar free month, I happily munched my way through all manner of meat preparations, drank my body weight in gin and kept myself buzzing on cappuccinos. However, this time around, I denied myself the crutches I had become accustomed to. This was never meant to be a life long prohibition.My sense of deprivation would most certainly have derailed me, had it not been for one little detail: my stubbornness. Not for myself, but for my daughter who had just finished her GCSE exams. So was all of that abstinence an exercise in futility? It was meant to be an examination not just of the ouster of certain foods I had determined I was dependant on, but also of my will power and ability to see it through till the end.We listened to some Turkish Funk and some more Psych records, and most importantly she connected me to one of her favorite customers, Mustafa.

Mustafa collects mostly Turkish music with a strong affection to a specific artist, The Transvestite artist Zeki Muren.Her shop is located in an old school shopping bazaar, with a variety of second hand shops, book shops and old posters and memorabilia.


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