Online dating abusive


And while physical abuse is of course a very real and devastating thing that happens, emotional abuse is important to discuss as well.

Emotional abuse happens every often in relationships.

Whatever stage you and your teen are going through in discussing and learning about dating violence — whether you want to teach them about healthy relationships for the future, or you’re concerned with a relationship they are currently in and want to give them advice — there are plenty of resources that can be really helpful.

From phone numbers and victim services centers, to online pamphlets and sites, we’ve put together a list of some of the best resources for teens.

If you think you may be a victim of emotional abuse, read on.

Even if it's the right thing to do, leaving an abusive husband is a very difficult step to take.

Getting Prepared Topic: Protecting yourself when leaving an abusive husband.

Lesley's Question: One of my best friends is heading for a divorce.


Let me be clear: I’m not trying to appropriate the experiences of people who have suffered far worse than I have.Not only do you have to deal with your marriage is ending, but there is also the real threat of how your husband may react to the fact that you are leaving.


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