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Numbers in use before 1994 are now in the number ranges of 08 9162 for Christmas Island and 08 9164 for the Cocos Keeling Islands, but other ranges are now used on the islands (at least in theory).

The original phone number formats for the islands were 672 2 xxxx for Christmas Island and 672 4 xxxx for the Cocos Islands.

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By 1994, there were 6 area codes of two digits covering Sydney (02), Melbourne (03), Canberra (06), Brisbane (07), Adelaide (08) and Perth (09), 48 area codes of three digits, from (002) covering Hobart to (099) covering mid-west Western Australia, and one area code of four digits, Kangaroo Island (0848), which was not incorporated into a larger area code before 1994.

To dial these numbers from overseas, one omitted the leading zero.

The length of codes varied; as early as 1971, some localities had area codes as long as seven digits, while the state capitals had two-digit area codes.

By 1989, the system had been standardised to three digit codes across the board, with two digit codes in the major cities. * Until 1994, these territories were not part of the Australian numbering plan, and instead used the code 672, for the Australian External Territories of Norfolk Island and the Australian Antarctic Territory.



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