Redmine repository not updating dating now online people

key=$KEY&id=$PROJECT"&Make sure the local file is executable by the Rhodecode server user.

Then switch to the Rhodecode Hooks page (/_admin/settings/hooks/edit), and add a changegroup.redmine hook and add the file location as the action: Now if you push your commit to Rhodecode, it will be forwarded to Redmine and linked to the correct issue, and show up in the tracker for that issue.

I was aware that Redmine required git version or above.

So when I initially checked the server I saw git version however I later noticed that git had been installed from source as well as installed via yum.

We are currently on Redmine 0.8.5.devel.2902 (My SQL) from the trunk of redmine and the downloaded redmine_mylyn_connector_2.5.1_2009_09_23connector.

To ssh://[email protected]/srv/repos/git/helloworld ! [remote rejected] master - Counting objects: 4, done.

The configuration is the following: DAV svn Limit XMLRequest Body 0 SVNPath Authz off SVNParent Path "/srv/svn" SVNList Parent Path off Auth Type Basic Auth Name "Repository" Perl Access Handler Apache:: Authn:: Redmine::access_handler Perl Authen Handler Apache:: Authn:: Redmine::authen_handler Redmine DSN "DBI:mysql:database=redmine;host=tld" Redmine Db User "redmine_user" Redmine Db Pass "redmine_pass" Require valid-user Order allow,deny Allow from x.x.x.x Satisfy all If I try accessing the repository (for read/write) from the intranet ( every thing works properly as expected, but when I try the same thing from an external address (x.x.x.x) I'm getting the following error: Updating '.': svn: E175002: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ' svn: E175002: Unexpected HTTP status 500 'Internal Server Error' on '/repo' svn: E175002: Additional errors: svn: E175002: OPTIONS request on '/repo' failed: 500 Internal Server Error Like I said I tried anything suggested on the web, nothing works except setting Satisfy any.

Setting Satisfy to any is a very bad idea for me because disables authentication and authorization in certain cases (


Currently the only multiselect inputs which are filled in are status and priority.

I receive the following error "Received event DTD, instead of START_ELEMENT or END_ELEMENT.


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