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If yes, then it’s the best time to get some support from an EMS company that can save you time, money, aggravation, and/or frustration in the future.Here are some of the questions Enics can help you answer to make sure your design passes the manufacturability test. BOM analysis Enics has the latest software and equipment, a team of experts in electronics, mechanical, processes, application, and test engineering, and we network and collaborate with some of the top technology institutions, like VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries, to look for future opportunities and technologies.Drop us a line at: [email protected] Energy Hi, I live in Australia and I am in agreement with your message, although I am curious as to how such a major paradigm shift can be negotiated given what the planet faces I. (those minions of stupidity), whom likely are closer to retirement and by the time the rest of us need to worry about it, or our kids, they'll be long dead and buried.The one angle I'm curious about is the internal workings of the Earth's core, the mantle in relation to global warming re-geo-physical interdependence on this topic, (forgive my spelling here as I did geology in year 10 and that was a long time ago), sial and seama - I think it had something to do with silicon and another key element, that make up the tectonic plates and then there's the ocean floor I believe is something in the order of 30% explored?Then there are dynamics of the inner planets in relation to the sun as a group, including Earth..., how the larger cycles might work, cycles we measure in the time we are aware of.But what of cycles of our yellow sun that may be say for argument's sake run in 1.05 or 2.05 billion year cycles, and these have a more devastating, (as yet unknown impact on the life-cycle of the Earth), pure speculation on my part, but I ponder these things as do my friends.Being an EMS provider with a long history and culture that promotes honesty, integrity, and uncompromising quality in all of our actions, we have developed an excellent reputation, and as a result, continue to see global growth and an expanding customer base.While our global network of factory locations enables you to rapidly shift products based on a variety of needs, you can feel safe knowing that as One Enics, everyone you encounter is committed to the same high standards throughout the company.

All Enics employees, up through top management, are committed to making your experience a success throughout your product’s life cycle.There are other geological mysteries some unraveled and doubtless much unknown about what else lies deep beneath our feet, and its role in the grander scheme of things.


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