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(The Shame Index recognizes this is a snap judgment based on the briefest glimpse of the guy.(The cartoonish rendering of Web sites on network television is a pet peeve of the Shame Index.) —The Ted Mosby. The Shame Index suspects that most viewers were thrilled to have the old, promiscuous Barney back last night.

As a person born on this date, Sarah Wright is listed in our database as the 17th most popular celebrity for the day (September 28) and the 112th most popular for the year (1983).

Last week's episode of How I Met Your Mother proved to be controversial. There was some disagreement about whether Barney in a fat suit was funny or, as the Index argued, plain lazy. HIMYM is typically masterful in its handling of chronology—memories often inspire other memories, so it's natural when Bob Saget stops a story and rewinds further to explain. —Robin joining in the chorus of "hell no" when Ted asks rhetorically whether he'd consider dating a woman Barney had hooked up with. —As indicated above, some of the gambits from Barney's playbook were better than others (whereas Robin's two-volume playbook is thrilling from cover to cover).

The Shame Index pronounced it the worst of the season . But the more serious issue was the treatment of the relationship between Barney and Robin. But, on balance, Barney's collection of strategies were imaginative, cleverly enacted, and handsomely calligraphed.

Wright was involved with local drama as a child, and became a model at age 14.

Her big break came when she was discovered by organizers from the 1999 Mossimo model search contest.Sarah Wright Olsen (born September 28, 1983) is an American actress and former fashion model who has appeared in several films and TV series.


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