Sedating dogs nail trimming

Problems with the performance of a set of sheers are usually due to them needing cleaning rather than sharpened.Home groomers should rarely, if ever, need their clippers sharpened except in the case of heavy use such as the level of use in a professional grooming salon or animal shelter.A pet owner who has a cat or dog that requires frequent grooming does not own a more important tool than the set of clippers.Before sharpening the clippers, it is best to ensure they are adjusted properly and well oiled.Because our grooming and medical staff are in the same office, we can offer sedation grooming, as well as general anesthesia grooming if necessary.Often dogs may tolerate body grooming, but resent having their faces or nails trimmed.All pets scheduled for grooming are required to be current on distemper combination and rabies vaccines and must have proof prior to any grooming.

It causes tranquilization and also has an anti-emetic effect.If a coat is completely matted, we can do a complete shave-down to give your pet a fresh start.


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