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Should their mandate be passed, they will lobby Parliament to introduce similar legislation in Britain.''Controversial? We're expecting a fiery debate,'' says Sue Smith, 62, the group's chairman. "I'm not a chair, thank you very much; we're not one of those politically correct, lefty organisations.") Indeed they are not.But while the Guild has a long history of debating social issues, its membership is widely representative of middle England – not exactly known for its espousal of socialist and feminist views. We all have a real interest in issues that affect women.Nine years ago, Sweden took the step of punishing the men who buy sex rather than the women who sell it. But the man who pays for her service is committing an offence. The ladies of the Townswomen's Guild, one of Britain's leading women's groups, with 35,000 members, believe it was.When they gather at the Riviera International Leisure Centre in Torquay on Tuesday, it will top the agenda for debate.A 21-year-old girl with bleached blonde hair tells me she arrived in New York at 4 a.m., after driving 33 hours from Texas.That's nothing, an elderly woman next to her says; she and her niece flew in from Peru.At the Algonquin, Knausgaard had a black coffee and a Diet Coke, and I had a bloody Mary.


According to Forbes, he made million this year. " occasionally drown out the shushing of a frantic Barnes & Noble employee.

Had Gunnar gone looking for a lady of the night in his homeland (unlike Denmark, where it is legal) he would have been liable for a £1,000 fine or a six-month stint behind bars.


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