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Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage.

If families would like to speak to someone about a possible Zika virus infection or diagnosis during pregnancy and risk to the baby, please contact Mother To Baby.

My grandfather served in WWII and the Korean War and my father served during the Vietnam War Era. I was one the lucky kids who got to see the world, Korea and all over Europe.

As I grew up, my family had a tradition that some one needed to join a military branch. [Read more of this review] As You Wave On This poem was written in Ramadi Iraq, 2005.

advertisement Still, our coverage of Zika will continue.

Going forward we’ll use this space to alert you to important news about Zika as it arises — so stay tuned.

In the United States, summer approaches with little discussion of the virus outside public health circles.This will be the final weekly edition of Zika in 30 Seconds.Thank you for reading as, over the last 17 months, we’ve tracked the developing science, the progress toward a vaccine, and the many questions still unanswered about Zika virus.Etienne, director of Pan American Health Organization The dramatic global rise of Zika in 2016 was followed by an equally dramatic decline by the end of that year — the reasons for which epidemiologists are still sorting out. Peter Hotez writes, “While countries such as Brazil no longer seem to be sustaining new transmission, there are new foci popping up in additional Latin American countries, including Ecuador and Peru on the Pacific Coast of South America, as well as in Argentina and Bolivia.” In the U.

S., he says, Florida seems less at risk this year than it was last year, when the state saw more than 200 cases of local Zika transmission. The public’s sense of alarm over the Zika outbreak has subsided — posing a challenge to health officials who want to keep it on the radar of the people who need to pay attention."Married women start having affairs for various reasons," said the site's founder, Sigurd Vedal.


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