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Eileen Zurbriggen is a feminist social/personality psychologist investigating the intersections between power, sexuality, and gender.Her research draws together methods and theories from a variety of sources, including social and personality psychology, feminist studies, political psychology, communications and media studies, and applied statistics.


Current projects include a third follow-up (two years post-college) to a longitudinal study of college students' attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to power and sexuality, as well as messages they receive from parents, peers, and the media; and ongoing studies on the sexualization and objectification of girls and women.The diploma, issued by the , is recognized as a second level Master's degree by the Italian Government. Besides all fundamental coursework for today’s economists, our students will be able to take classes in both public/political economics and/or finance, gaining the expertise to professionally evaluate the current policy debate or to enter the world of finance.The emphasis on political/public economics provides an ideal starting point for careers in central banks, governments and international organizations such as ILO, IMF or the World Bank.Professor Zurbriggen's program of research has included a variety of projects, braiding together three underlying themes.

First, much of her research has focused on understanding the causes and consequences of behaviors that connect power and sexuality, from the most traumatic (e.g., sexualized torture, rape, childhood sexual abuse) to those with less obvious negative consequences (e.g., the sexual objectification of women, the use of children as nude models in art photography).

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