Updating cakephp Phone camxxx

Also, your data array has to have the name of the model you want to save.

So: should only contain the name of the field, not the name of the model and field.

Overall, the work took me 5 or 6 hours spread out over a few evenings.

I would suggest anyone attempting to do an upgrade to give the upgrade shell a serious look.

After downloading/cloning the upgrade tool, you need to install dependencies with shell.


That means, models should be capitalized-singular named, and table fields should be lowercase.i am newbie in Cakephp so I feel difficulties to implement the database queries ..



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    I'm no slouch myself, as my collection of academic awards and competitive trophies will attest.

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    She nodded, swung around the chalkboard hanging from her neck, and wrote "I think that's what she said." She then showed her chalkboard message to her colleague. And thus, only one near-riot later, the 5'7"-and-under cycle/season was born.

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