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Include keywords in your resume based on your knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to the position.A face to face (or phone) meeting about your resume or cover letter is ideal. However, if you live outside Lincoln or cannot meet during regular office hours, a career advisor can provide feedback via e-mail.When you apply for your first job right out of school, your resume will inevitably be thin, as you’ve likely had very little job experience to that point.

As a general rule of thumb, leave out any information about high school or college sports or clubs that may come across as juvenile, or that do not demonstrate any job-related skills.Your goal in creating a resume is to make it an effective marketing tool.It should be a fluid document which changes as you earn degrees, gain professional experience and acquire new interests and career directions.Send your resume and/or cover letter with a job description or brief explanation of what it will be used for.

The resume is the most important marketing tool for your job and internship search.While it is tempting to develop a "basic resume" once then simply update it as time passes, this approach is not be as effective as tailoring each resume to the specific employer and position.



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