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If you have more advanced tables, it would be better to use some existing component where the refresh functionality is already built-in. With the j Query Data Tables plug-in, you can take a plain table and add pagination, filtering, and sorting using a single Java Script line of code: In this example is taken a plain HTML table with id "employees" and the Data Tables plug-in is applied to the table.

This call will add pagination, sorting, and filtering on the table.

That method requires that you identify all JSF components and write them into your JSF pages.

What if the dynamic elements cannot be identified until run time?

All three were workarounds of the submit process - apparently my goals didn't fit the model of what webpages are "supposed" to do!

First, I had to workaround the HTML form behavior so that my page would process the Javascript before submitting the data to the server.



If the user did hit the enter key, rather than behave as if the submit event had been triggered, the event handler executes the function processdata.

Swing already provides a mature way to automatically update the GUI based solely on the internal data status, but JSF does not have good support for refreshing the GUI based on a request from the server side.



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