Validating schema jaxb


Handy when your string content contains lots of XML-reserved characters (eg: HTML or XML content).

Today in the developer community, no one can dispute the importance of XML.

They are as follows: 1) Annotation support: JAXB 2.0 provides support to annotation so less coding is required to develop JAXB application.

The bind.annotation package provides classes and interfaces for JAXB 2.0.


This is useful but not always - sometimes generated code does not have @Xml Root Element annotation, sometimes you need unmarshall only part of tree. To enable this behaviours you need set property encoding property on the JAXB Marshaller. Jaxb Data Fromat supports to ignore the Non XML Character, you just need to set the filter Non Xml Chars property to be true, Jaxb Data Format will replace the Non XML character with " " when it is marshaling or unmarshaling the message.

2) Support for all W3C XML Schema features: it supports all the W3C schema unlike JAXB 1.0.


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