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Changed some of the artifacts and unique weapons in Skyrim so that you can now disenchant them, and learn their effects, allowing you to place artifact enchantments on normal weapons.All armor/clothing enchantments can go on any item of clothing/armor.The signal will be sent to any square adjacent to the railroad cart, and is useful for things like switching tracks ahead, exploding traps and triggering events as you approach a certain spot.As usual, 6 types of this rail will be crafted at once.You simply go to storage on your 360, and then find the profile or save you want to put on your USB drive and choose to move it to it.For title updates you don't need to change IDs or have your profile on your USB stick.Does anyone know how to retrieve the actual Minecraft TU version? right click inject, & you use your computer to find the file. Make sure you have your profile on your zip/flash drive. Hi Cosmic, Thank you for taking the time and effort for replying to my inquiry...... OK so 1) I took an empty USB stick2) Put in the Xbox and initialised it via System/Storage3) When I go to Horizon and the USB explorer, I do see tree items like games and games profiles, but NO content How do I get the data from the xbox to the USB stick? How do I inject the TU file into the xbox, so from USB to Xbox memory? Does this mean that another player (profile) cannot tale advantage of the TU update when he logs in to his profile?3) Do I need to put all TU install files in one folder on the USB stick; will the xbox install them one by one then and in the right order? 1st: Download TU to your desktop2nd: load horizon3rd: Go to the usbexplorer, open it & right click on minecraft. If you require all of them for some odd reason, google will help you with most of them except a few as no one bothered to load them up making me assume you don't need all of them. Configuring your USB stick on your 360 doesn't automatically add content, you need to do that manually after it's been configured for Xbox 360 storage.


With it, you not only track (as pictured) your distances, play time, mob kills, server stats and item quantities, but also how many of each item type you’ve mined, used and crafted. The update is a useful feature and will no doubt be used for bragging rights as to who is more active in the game, and to track milestones – hey, who doesn’t want to know when their millionth piece of cobblestone has been found? Dynamic Weather A lovely touch to the game is the inclusion of weather.I have the following questions: 1) How can I make a backup of game data (minecraft worlds) remotely from OSX? 2) I can't find a way to figure out the current TU version on my xbox 360?Does anyone know how to retrieve the actual Minecraft TU version? Hi There, I can't figure out how to install Minecraft (xbox 360) TUs manually.Hi There, I can't figure out how to install Minecraft (xbox 360) TUs manually.


I want to avoid doing this in "online" mode via Xbox live, so I found out the following: 1) Step by step guide to put TU install files on an USB TUs need to be installed sequentially, so If your running TU10 and want to "upgrade" to the latest TU, let's say TU20, you need to install TU11, 12, 13....19, 20!

Microsoft and Mojang also announced a new update for Minecraft that will be coming later this year.



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