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According to Mack, an argument led to their falling out.

“Basically, I didn’t do anything to him and he didn’t do anything to me,” Mack said in an interview.

But during the MC Hammer Too Legit To Quit Tour Dalvin started taking care of T-Boz when she went through her sickle cell sickness and she thought he was a nice guy and Dalvin asked her out and they dated from 1992-1999 then she left him for Mack 10 and you know how that turned out and he was with Claudia Jordan from 2000-2001 then she started messing with other dudes on him and they split up." Stacie is Stacy Dash I SWEARRRRR TO THE GOOOD LAWWWWD WE WOULD'VE BEEN MARRIED WITH A BUNCH KIDS U WAS THE FIRST HE GAVE IT TO U A LUCKY MF CAUSE HE SEEMS LIKE A DECENT GUY I REALLY WISH THEY WLDVE STAYED TOGETHER....

MARY JUS DIDNT WANT TO SEE HER HAPPY YEAH I KNO IT WLD B HARD TO BELIEVE THAT HE'S NOT NOT CHEATING SEENING HOW EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CREW IS F'N EVERY GROUPIE..You know, that whole wanting to feel protected/man is a leader thing "Dalvin was in love with T-Boz and was hurt when she dumped him for Mack 10 who beat her for real. Blige cause Mary was telling her that K-Ci wasnt no good and that the rest of them was no good either and T-Boz wrote a book about Dalvin and Jodeci and dealing with the girls who wanted to be their groupies and she said she believed Dalvin cheated and they had a argument about it and she said she couldnt take it and dumped him in 1998 then by 1999 she was dating Mack 10 who beat her when Dalvin didnt even hit her they just had arguments." "K-Ci & Jo Jo was on Jamie Foxx radio show, and Kci said Dalvin didn't lose his virginity until 1993 when they recorded Diary Of A Mad Band to T-Boz." "Stacie said she hung with Jodeci when they were on tour with Boyz II Men, TLC, & MC Hammer before he & T-Boz hooked up and Dalvin wanted Stacie but she felt he was a playboy and said she didn't know he was a virgin or she would have hooked up with up with him.



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